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WTF Wednesday: Sharing The Light

Greetings WTFers! Sick of me yet?


I feel like I\’ve been everywhere on the interwebs the past few days fundraising and posting for Giving Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who has donated, spread the word, and who is rooting for us! We surpassed our Giving Tuesday fundraising goal and are getting closer to our first campaign goal of $4000. 


But that\’s not what I want to talk about today. Well, sort of….


This morning, someone said something terribily profound to me. They said (and I\’m certainly paraphrasing), \”For everyone whose face is in the spotlight, there are others who are holding that person up to the light.\”  I\’ve spent the rest of the day meditating on who I hold up and how I share the light I am fortunate to receive. In that spirit, I\’d like to devote today\’s column to sharing some light.


If you know her, you can probably agree that Deb Royals-Mizerk exemplifies the concept of \”sharing the light.\” Her newest venture, Pure Life Theatre Company, is built on a foundation of shared leadership and egalitarianism. They are taking this ethos a step further by inviting companies (like ours) and artists to be a part of a larger Collective to share their space and resources all while building a stronger theater community who self-advocates and supports one another.


Blue starry background. White text overlay reads: Pure Life Theatre Company has a beautiful new home and we want to celebrate this good news with all of our family and friends. Everyone is invited to attend our Holiday Gala and celebrate in the new space!

If you can, please support Pure Life by attending their Holiday Gala this Saturday Dec. 7. Let\’s celebrate and hold up this organization who will give life to so many others. Tickets are available on EventBrite for $45 or at the door for $50. For more information about the event and other Pure Life news, check out their website.



photo of Porsche McGovern

The next person whose work I\’d like to shine a little light on is Porsche McGovern.

I met Porsche at the Statera National Conference, but her work preceded her. In addition to her work as a professional lighting designer, Porsche is in her FIFTH year of a survey of who directs and designs at LORT theaters by gender. She spends 1000 hours a year on this work which has been published in HowlRound. If you can, please support Porsche\’s vital work through Patreon.

Finally, check out Moderate Woo, a feminist theatre collective founded by Willow Norton, Molly McCarter, Kristi Good, and Sarah Greenman. (Painting below titled Uprising by Sarah Greenman)


Abstract painting of four women in profile entitled Uprising by Sarah Greenman

They are developing a work entitled The Motherhood Project. The development process for The Motherhood Project is unique and will give voice to mothers from around the nation. The first community reading will be in Winston-Salem this spring and we\’re excited to be a part of it.….and you can, too! Check out their website and send in your motherhood story or donate towards the project here.


Do you know of other folks doing work that connects with WTF\’s mission? Let me hear about it! Drop me a line or share to WTF\’s social media! 


Until next Wednesday, I am yours in parity,


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