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Extraordinary Creator Spotlight: Brittney S. Harris


All during the month of December, we\’re spotlighting artists, producers, and contributors who made WTF extraordinary in 2019. 


If you didn\’t get a chance to see Brittney and her show Being B.A.D. at WTFringe this summer. When she submitted the project to us, Brittney described it as \”a theatrical production that embodies creative resistance against oppressive gender stereotypes and domestic violence, Being B.A.D. is a solo performance piece about personal acceptance and redemption from the cycle of abuse. This show explores the lengths in which one decides to take that power back after years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her family and romantic partner.\”


Gold background with silver paint streaks. Left, a picture of Brittney S. Harris palming water from a clear bowl. Right, in black text: “I felt it was my duty to shed light on these issues [of intimate partner violence] beyond the numbers and focus on the narratives of redemption and survival. 1 in 4: it’s not just a number, it’s a declaration for change”

You can learn more about Brittney and her work on her website and, hopefully, get the chance to engage with her more at WTF 2020. She\’s a powerhouse of a performer, writer, creator, academic, professor, and advocate. In her bio she shares that, \”her personal aesthetics for performative and outreach initiatives is creating an environment for individuals that is free from predispositions and limitations. Through the idea of experiential learning, Brittney is adapting a skill set and practice that will present an open forum for both theatrical and non-theatrical individuals to explore their own artistic and leadership interests using Augusto Boal’s Theatre for the Oppressed and Improvisational techniques. By providing resources and exercises for utilizing one’s own distinctive histories and experiences, Brittney believes we can foster a community of artists built on confidence and artistic integrity.\”


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