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WTF Wednesday: WTF Is Happening!


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Greetings WTFers!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all that we\’ve got going on right now? Cool–me too! It just so happens so that everything runs smoothly down the road, we\’ve got to move things along now. So let\’s consider this WTF Wednesday installment as your \”Girlfriend\’s Guide\” to wtf is happening at WTF right now. Ok, deep breath…..and GO.


1. The Karaoke Musical

What It Is: First and foremost, it\’s a fundraising event. Our goal is to raise $3000 through the event to help with the production costs for Freakshow. There will be a gala with a raffle and some refreshments, then the performance, followed by a late night party where anyone can hop up and do karaoke! The musical itself will be written around all of the requests submitted by the performers….and it will be a complete surprise to them and the audience. The \”script\” will scroll across the screen karaoke-style and the performers act out and sing whatever the screen instructs them to do. It\’s a ton of fun for everyone!


What You Need To Know (if you want to perform): The deadline to sign up to perform is Jan. 25, 2020. You can sign up HERE and you can either make a donation to WTF for your spot in the show or you can let us help you set up a peer-to-peer fundraiser so you can get your friends to donate on your behalf (an excellent option if you know people who would pay money to see you sing!). It really doesn\’t matter what your skill level or experience is…\’s really about your spirit of adventure!


What You Need To Know (if you want to attend): There\’s a ticket option for all budgets and you can get your tickets HERE. If you just want to see the show, great! There\’s a $12 ticket. If you\’re into the whole gala experience, wonderful! It\’s a $50 ticket and it includes refreshments. If you want to bring a group for the full VIP set-up, OMG we love you so much!!!!!! VIP Tables are $250 and include 4 seats, you can choose your favorite \”Wicked Woman\” and we\’ll create a themed tablescape for you and your guests, and there will be some special surprises just for you! There will also be a kickass raffle at the event and you can win a range of very cool prizes! The late night Karaoke Party begins at 9:30 and all guests and performers are welcome to stay and anyone can sing!

Where You Can Learn More:  We\’ve got a Facebook Event, you can Email Us, or check our website Homepage.


2. WTF Summer Festival Submissions + Events

What It Is: Building on last summer\’s successful weekend Festival, planning is in full force for WTF 2020. This year, the festival will take place in our new venue home in the Royal Building. We\’ve listened to presenter and audience feedback from last year and will be offering more streamlined programming and fewer offerings at each time slot so that everyone can attend everything they want. The main programming tracks are WTFringe, WTF Con, and WTF Kids + Family. What about Occupy The Stage, you ask? Well, we feel like Occupy is something special and deserves to be its OWN weekend long festival later in 2020! Right now, our planning committees are getting grooving and our submissions windows are opening. 


What You Need To Know (if you want to submit to WTFringe): The window for submitting production proposals to WTFringe 2020 is now through March 15, 2020. All the info you need to prepare your submission can be found HERE and this is the submission FORM. If you have questions or need help, just Email Us!


What You Need To Know (if you want to submit to WTF Con): Submissions for WTF Con, our educational conference are open now through April 1, 2020. Sessions will be accepted on a rolling basis. You can read everything you need to know about submitting a session proposal HERE and then complete THIS FORM. As always, Email Us if you need any help!


What You Need To Know (about WTFringeLab):  We\’re painfully aware at how difficult it is for women to begin a career in directing. WTFringeLab is our answer to the need for more in-depth training and mentorship in the field. This program is for anyone who wants to break into directing or simply learn more about the art and craft of the director. Members of the WTFringeLab will meet once a month between March and July for a masterclass on a specific directing skill. Members will also be assigned a portion of a script, Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, to direct with the support of a one-on-one mentor who has advanced training and professional directing credits. Love and Information will be presented as a WTFringe show! You can read more about the program and how to apply HERE. 


What You Need To Know (about WTFringe Bootcamp 2020): Bootcamp is a masterclass in directing and producting designed and delivered by Mia Self and Rowen Haigh. On Friday evening (that\’s right 2 days from now!!!), there will be an Info Session for applying to WTFringe or WTFringe Lab. The hands-on training session will be on Saturday. We hope you can attend! You can learn more HERE. You can register for either or both parts HERE. And, if you can\’t make it in person, RSVP to the Facebook event HERE–we\’re planning to LIVESTREAM as much of the content as possible!


What You Need To Know (about volunteering for WTF 2020):  Team work makes the dream work, y\’all. We\’d love to have you join us on one of our Festival Committees. You can find out and sign up HERE or Email Us if you have another idea for how you\’d like to volunteer with us!


3. Freakshow Auditions

What It Is: Freakshow by Carson Kreitzer is the final mainstage show in our 2019-2020 Women Are Wicked season. It will be presented at Pure Life Theater and is funded in part by grants from the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County and the City of Raleigh Arts Commission. Our production team includes Director Rowen Haigh, Co-Director + Stage Manager Rachel Nunn, and Accessibility Coordinator Lou Jent. 


What You Need To Know (about General Auditions for Freakshow):  Everything you need to know about the show and auditions can be found in this handy Casting Notice, including the link to sign up for an audition spot!


What You Need To Know (about Auditions for the role of Amalia):  WTF is committed to casting this role with an actress with a physical disability. We are accepting local and non-local submissions for this role. The audition information can be found in this Casting Notice.


4. Fundraising

What It Is: Ok y\’all, we\’re in the home stretch! Gold stars to you for making it all the way here! We can\’t do any of this important, exciting work without support. If you haven\’t donated….or haven\’t donated in awhile, please consider making a tax-deductible gift today. But we\’ll also take your money tomorrow and the day after that….and the day after… get it.


What You Need To Know (about making a One-Time Donation): Our \”Living Our Mission\” fundraising campaign is still live…..and we still have a matching donor who will help double your impact. And we\’ve got some pretty cool perks available! Our goal is $8000 so we\’ve still got a way to go. You can make your donation and find out more HERE. 


What You Need To Know (about becoming a monthly donor through Patreon): You can set up a monthly recurring donation through Patreon and help support ongoing operations. It\’s super easy–you can choose the amount, change or cancel it any time, and it\’s a fun way to engage and be part of the action. I\’m working on adding more ways to connect with patrons there and starting with our first foray into podcasting! Our patrons will be the first people to hear our upcoming audio content! Please consider joining us on Patreon HERE!


Ok. We did it…..I think. That\’s certainly a lot of info. Hopefully you\’ve found a pathway or two to plug in to WTF. We\’d love to have you!


Until next week, I\’m yours in parity,


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