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Occupy The Stage 2020 Superlatives


Hey friends! Our hearts are so full after a busy and wonderful weekend full of new plays by women and marginalized gender playwrights. It’s not too late to see all 40 Occupy 2020 virtual readings! The shows from Friday 11/6 come down from YouTube 11/10 and noon ET, the shows from Saturday come down at noon ET 11/11, and the shows from Sunday come down at noon ET 11/12. This is due to Actors Equity restrictions. View the original lineup here to learn a show’s initial air date.

You can still buy an All-Occupy ticket and watch to your heart’s content! Use code FULLPASS at for $20 off.

We loved each and every show that was part of Occupy, that’s why we picked them out of the 450 scripts submitted! Here are just a few shoutouts one staffer had from this weekend:

Coolest Lighting:
Leo Zhu (Utopia)

Best Gross Out:
Tequila Herself

Smoothest Voice:
Antwan Hawkins Jr. (Timebomb)
Tamia Fair (Toteon)

Cutest Couple:
Theresa’s Breasts
It’s Not Over Until the Pink Lady Sings

Best Tears:
In Absentia
Her, Across the River

Rockstar Ensembles:
Cotton’s Tale
Adventures of a Faux Designer Handbag
Cupid’s Corner

Outstanding Directing:
Sophia Menconi (Sway)
Cohen Kraus (Hello, My Name Is)

Best Prop:
Banana Gun (A Sleepless Play)

Coolest Backdrop:
Our Black Death
Moon Blood

Best Stage Directions Integration:
A Sleepless Play

Best Sound Design:
Frozen Fluid

Best One Liners:
Why Are You Like This?
You Have to Promise

Greatest Team Player:
Baby Bagos Hood
Josh Beasley
Hannah Williams

Staff Favorites:
The Devils Between Us
Our Black Death

Watch all these and more! Tickets at, show synopses at

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