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WTFringe 21 Producer Series: Emma Givens of “Terms of Forbearance”


“Terms of Forbearance” show poster


Writer, sound designer, and producer Emma Givens

We had the opportunity to learn a little more about playwright and producer Emma Givens, and we’ve just gotta make the introduction.

Welcome Emma! To start us off, what WTFringe show are representing? What is your role on the production team?

EMMA: I am the writer, sound designer, and producer for Terms of Forbearance.


How did you come across the work of WTF?

EMMA: I first heard of WTF from my friend Addie Barnhart (who is directing the production). She suggested I submit something because she thought my work and WTFringe made sense together.


Well, we’re so happy you found WTF! What is your connection to your WTFringe show? What compelled you to step into a production role for it?

EMMA: I wrote this play for the time we\’re in: a time when everyone is on Zoom. There are more reality TV shows than ever, and student loan debt is at a record high. The late-stage capitalist structure that is being upheld by those in power is literally killing the poor because of the greed of the few, and I wanted to highlight how we treat poor people in the US. I wanted this piece to have an audience so that they might begin to interrogate their own prejudicial thoughts and behaviors when it comes to poor people.


Wow, that is amazing to hear. To close us out, what has been your favorite aspect of preparing for WTFringe 21?

EMMA: Working with artists who love making art and playing. I\’m very fortunate to have such a wonderful cast and director to bring this piece to life; each rehearsal is a discovery of community and joy and wonder.

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