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10 Reasons to Get Your All-Access WTFCon Pass for Asynchronous Viewing

We at WTF understand that not everyone is able access two weeks of back-to-back synchronous Zoom sessions. That’s why we want to share the amazing resources WTFCon has to offer with as many people as possible through asynchronous viewing. After all, the hybrid future of theatre is here, and it is now!

Read on for our top ten reasons to get your all access WTFCon pass while you still can. 

1) Experience WTFCon on your own time

Couldn’t make it to the live session? No problem! Experience WTFCon when it’s most convenient for you by viewing session recordings asynchronously for a full ten days. No matter your schedule, you can still access these two full weeks of transformative sessions. After all, nothing goes better with your early morning coffee than burning down the patriarchy.

2) Turn your theatre-making idols into professional contacts 

Many of our top industry professional speakers have graciously offered their contact information to attendees for further discussion. And as we all know, networking is a key component to all industries. Want to be social media buddies with Alex Chester, Rebecca Lee Lerman, and Michaela Ternasky Holland of Mixed Asian Media? With these professionals as invaluable resources, you can invest in your craft by establishing these connections!

3) Access valuable training at the best price point for you

Accessible theatre and education includes granting everyone an equitable opportunity to learn, which is why ALL WTFCon tickets are Pay-What-You-Can. We firmly believe that this programming should be available to everyone, no matter their economic reality. Take advantage of this accessible pricing by snagging your WTFCon pass at a price that works for you. 

4) Accommodate your own learning style

Learning styles are vastly diverse, and that’s a beautiful thing! With asynchronous viewing, you can stop, start, and rewind to accommodate any access needs you may have to make for the best learning experience possible! Soak up all the knowledge Karen Olivo and Eden Espinosa have to share over the course of these 10 asynchronous days of viewing. Make WTFCon work for you, not the other way around.

5) Learn about incredible resources to better your craft

Want to add some of Lauren Gunderson’s favorite playwrights to your reading list? Catch up on some of our favorite parts of WTFCon where industry professionals offer their own sources of inspiration and learning!

6) Rewatch your favorite sessions (literally as many times as you’d like)

If there’s a presenter or presentation that resonates with you, you can rewatch it to take more extensive notes or simply enjoy it again and again. Want to break open the industry with Katherine Quinn and Sally Cade Holmes over and over again? Now you can! Make the most out of your WTFCon pass by relishing in the content you love the most!

7) Expand your network via Sched

Many attendees have gotten the chance to connect with each other and develop new professional relationships. Forge a working relationship with Parent Artists by tuning into the asynchronous sessions, seeing who attended, and finding their contact info on Sched to connect!

8) Conquer Zoom fatigue once and for all

Feeling tired after a busy Festival 21? Well, \”Enthusiastic Consent is the Future\” with Ann C. James and Kaja Dunn is guaranteed to wake you up! But seriously, we get it–no matter how much you love WTFCon, your eyes need a break. Pace yourself accordingly by catching the sessions you might have missed in this 10-day period of asynchronous viewing. 

9) Gather inspiration for your next project

Need the inspirational words of Jeanine Tesori to get started on writing that play? Yeah, us too. Hear about the past, present, and future work of incredible theatre makers to help you get the momentum needed for your next passion project. 

10) Immerse yourself in a learning environment with like-minded creators

Our WTFCon presenters and Keynote speakers are flipping the industry on its head, and we invite you to play a part in this transformation. Hear about the experiences and perspectives of incredible artists from all backgrounds to help inform your own working philosophies. We’ve even saved space for you. 

So, what are you waiting for? Keep the good times rolling until August 2nd.

Click here to snag your full WTFCon pass now.

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