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Audition Info for WTFringe23

Several shows participating in WTFringe23 presented by the National Women’s Theatre Festival are casting roles with local Triangle Area actors. Here’s the information you need to submit for these shows. 

Instructions to submit for one or more shows:

  1. Read all of the casting breakdowns carefully. They are listed below as well as in a living Google Doc linked here:
  2. Use this Google Form to submit your self-tape audition by May 6 to be considered: 
  3. WTFringe show producers/directors will follow up if they wish to see more or offer you a role!

WTFringe23 Casting Breakdowns

Moon Glo by Patsy Clarke / Producer: Nancy Rich

Show Synopsis:

“Moon Glo” is an original script-in-development by 94-year-old retired Drama professor and playwright Patsy Clarke, in collaboration with director Nancy Rich and the cast. The main character, Barbara, struggles to navigate the world of an assisted living community through daily encounters with the residents and staff. Peek into the world of women in their 90’s as they share wonderful stories about love, loss, and the fundamental nature of reality.

Rehearsal + Performance Info: 5-6 2-hour rehearsals weekday afternoons starting in May. 

Compensation Info: no compensation


All female characters are age 90+, played by actors age 50+

Poor Mary. A woman who is easily confused, repeats herself, gets lost.

Joan. A society woman from Inside the Beltline.

Barbara. A woman with a sharp mind, but not in great health.

Gail. A laughing woman who used to be a clown.

Mumblepuss. A woman who struggles with simple things like walking, eating. She drools. She mumbles.

The Gentleman. A handsome distinguished older gentleman, well-dressed, and polite.

Bertha. a woman we hear moaning in the hallway, until she surprises us with a beautiful singing voice at the end of the play.


Submit a 1 minute monologue via the Audition Form; actors  interested in the role of “Bertha” should also submit about 8 bars of a romantic ballad acapella.

Other Info From Producer:

This WTF Seniors Project exists to give roles to an overlooked population: women 55+. Retirees will enjoy the rehearsal and performance process, because we plan to rehearse on weekday afternoons instead of at night, and there’s no need to memorize, because “Moon Glo” will be presented as a staged reading. This is a play-in-development that contains monologues that we will develop using improvisation and collaboration with the performers, with our 94-year old local playwright attending some of the rehearsals.

We Can Do It! / Producer: Kenady Sean

Show Synopsis:

Daphna King, a 1941 Cherokee, is a clumsy homemaker that wants “more than this provincial life.” When her husband gets drafted and they move to California, she finds freedom and power in welding. Yet, as soon as she starts working, she realizes she’s pregnant, and has to go back to taking care of her now two children. Her mother encourages her to go back to work and live her dream. The war ends and they move back to Oklahoma and she leaves her freedom behind. Daphna did what she had to, so we could do what we want to. 

Rehearsal + Performance Info:

Be available to record their vocals and video from May 1st-12th.

Compensation Information:  $25 stipend


We Can Do It!

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Kenady Sean

Seeking women nationwide and in the DFW area for a Hybrid 30-min musical for the National Women’s Theatre Festival. Hybrid meaning half-live and half pre-recorded.


Virtual Choir: A diverse group of women of all races/ethnicities. The group will feature neuro-atypical and disabled individuals as well. The group will feature diversity in career paths, socioeconomic status, and background.


Please submit a video of 2 contrasting 45 second cuts of contemporary musical theater that shows us who you are as an artist.

The Grandmothers Grimm / Producer: Katie Fitz

Show Synopsis:

The Grandmothers Grimm is set over the course of one night, and explores women’s role in the creation of the Brothers Grimm’s famous anthology. Marie Hassenpflug has crept out of her family home without a chaperone, determined to hear new stories and to tell the fairy tales from her unusual childhood to Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who are collecting tales together for their book. As the evening progresses, Marie shares more and more and the three young people – with help from the Brother’s maltreated housekeeper – begin to act out the dark, original versions of classic fairy tales. Arguments, ego and politics threaten the anthology and the Grimms’ and Marie’s friendship at every turn.

Rehearsal + Performance Info:

Begins May 17th, Wednesdays & Sundays virtually from 6-10pm EST, Begin in person June 19/20, Day time availability may be required June 19-23, Performances June 24th at 4:30 and June 25th at 8:30

Compensation: $100


Notes on Casting

While the historical figures featured in this script were all white and European, the actors playing them do not need to be. Actors of all races/ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Both Wilhelm Grimm and Marie Hassenpflug were chronically ill throughout their lives and casting disabled/chronically ill actors in these roles is a priority. Disabled/Chronically ill actors are highly encouraged to audition, and to submit accessibility needs with their self-tapes if they feel comfortable. It is difficult to diagnose the neurodiversity of historic figures, but a lot of evidence points to Jacob being in some way neurodiverse, therefore neurodiverse actors are highly encouraged to audition. Actors of all identities are encouraged to audition for all roles, regardless of race, disability status, gender identity, or neurodiversity.

Content Warning

This show includes scenes that depict physical and sexual violence against women, as well as implied nudity. There will not be any nudity on stage. All violence will be choreographed in a stylistic and not literal nature. An intimacy coordinator will be staging these scenes. For more information or to request the scenes to read, please contact the producer Katie Fitz at

Show Summary

The Grandmothers Grimm is set over the course of one night, and explores women’s role in the creation of the Brothers Grimm’s famous anthology. Marie Hassenpflug has crept out of her family home without a chaperone, determined to hear new stories and to tell the fairy tales from her unusual childhood to Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who are collecting tales together for their book. As the evening progresses, Marie shares more and more and the three young people – with help from the Brother’s maltreated housekeeper – begin to act out the dark, original versions of classic fairy tales. Arguments, ego and politics threaten the anthology and the Grimms’ and Marie’s friendship at every turn.

Character Breakdown

  • Jacob Grimm: male, 25-35, a literary scholar, he’s much more comfortable with his books than with other people. He wants a life of solitude and studies, when he does have company he prefers that of other intellectuals. Jacob Grimm wants to create a collection of folklore that inspires national pride in those who read it. He is analytical about his work, focused on preserving and remembering German culture and literature.
  • Wilhelm Grimm: male, 25-35, a charismatic writer looking to make an anthology that will be ever-popular. Wilhem is focused on making the stories exciting for the audience and unlike other fairytale collections. He has dreams of making his fortune in publishing/writing and marrying up.
  • Marie Hassenpflug: female, early 20’s, a young aristocratic woman with a bit of a rebellious streak. Marie adores fairytales and wants to add her own stories (and name) to the Brothers Grimm anthology. She wants to add new stories that will excite women, and wants to preserve the stories the women in her life have shared with her. She trusts the Brothers Grimm and views herself as an equal collaborator, whether or not they agree.
  • Chorus: female, any age, the Grimm’s Housekeeper. The chorus exists as both a quiet collaborator on and narrator of the Brothers Grimm’s stories. She is a silent, but ever present member of the writing team. She does not seek fame or fortune, but simply to (finally) be heard.

Rehearsal Schedule

  • Begins May 17th
  • Wednesdays & Sundays virtually from 6-10pm EST
  • Begin in person June 19/20
  • Day time availability may be required June 19-23
  • Performances June 24th at 4:30 and June 25th at 8:30

Pay – $100 Stipend


A one minute monologue via the Audition Google Form

Adults / Producer: Kira Elowyn Hirschfeld

Show Synopsis:

Two sisters discuss the recent death of their mother. There are flashbacks to the younger versions of the women as we relive important instances in their lives and how they react as sisters. It is a memorial of their mother in a way. We are translating parts of the play from the original English into Spanish; Some scenes will be entirely in Spanish and other scenes will use English and Spanish throughout.

Rehearsal + Performance Info:

Zoom/Google Meet: rehearsal for table talk- First week of May for 2 hours. Rehearsal once/week for 1-2 hours May through June. Two in person rehearsals will take place the week before the performances. Tech day will be 75 minutes total and is TBD. The performances are June 24 10 pm and June 25 12:30 pm.  Exact rehearsal dates and times will be determined based on actor availability.

Compensation:  Actors will be paid a baseline of $25 each and the potential for a cut of the box office after the playwright and translators have been compensated. 


Maggie: 50s or 60s, a Little bit older than Jo. Maggie discusses a kiss between her and another woman. 

Jo: 50s or 60s, a Little bit younger than Maggie. There is no indication of sexual orientation. Has a line where she talks about her breasts.

A note from the playwright: The characters can be any race/ethnicity, and do not need to be the same race/ethnicity as each other, families look all sorts of ways, and the test makes it clear that they are sisters. Chemistry is more important than physical resemblance. 

There is flexibility with age (down to late 30s and up to 70s)

Both actors must speak (or read?) spanish fluently

There is no physical requirement for the actors– any body is accepted. The actors can be female, trans, or non-binary. 

Both women discuss death and sexuality. 


  • A one minute monologue 
  • Reading of Spanish text and/or a monologue in Spanish in addition to English.

Other Info From Producer:  There is the potential for scripts in hand for the performances.

Reverie / Producer: Ashley Cooper

Show Synopsis:

Reverie focuses on a 7-year-old girl Genevieve, who has just lost her father, and the impact of that loss on herself, her mother, Rose, and her 17-year-old brother, Gerald. It elucidates the complex nature of childhood grief, and furthermore explores how Genevieve, as a young Black girl, is “adultified” (precociously ascribed adult-like expectations and thus seen as less in need of care, nurturing, empathy and support than her peers) in the midst of her grief. To cope with her grief, Genevieve repeatedly watches live photos of herself and her father, often envisaging herself as re-entering into those former memories

Rehearsal + Performance Info:

Performances: Friday 6/30 at 8:30 PM & Saturday 7/1 at 4:00 PM; Rehearsals: Introductory Meeting – May 15;  Virtual Rehearsals – 3 to 4 times per week starting the week of May 29, times flexible dependent on cast availability! Not everyone will be called for every rehearsal; In-Person Rehearsals: June 24 – 30 (if you are not available to be in person during this time we should be able to work around this, as long as you can be in person by June 28!)

Compensation: $50




Genevieve Amerie Walker, Lead. 7 and ¾ with the brightest smile. A young Black girl. She exudes kindness. Trusting. More than she should be. Struggling to cope with the loss of her father. 

She loves music, especially classic Motown because of her Dad. Stevie Wonder is her favorite artist. Poetry is her refuge. Her tree house, built by her Dad is her safe place. She wants her father back. Desperately. Purple is her favorite color. 

(Note: Seeking actors 16+ to play this role)

Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano (w/ belt)

Content Advisory: Grief 

Rose Walker, Lead. 43 years old. Genevieve and Gerald’s Mom. Bryan was her childhood sweetheart, they met in high school. Have been together for 28 years and married for 21. She is greatly struggling with his loss and refuses to accept that Bryan is gone. Black.

Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano / Alto 

Content Advisory: Grief 

Gerald Walker, Lead. 17 years old and weary of the world. Gerald feels greatly overlooked by his Mom, Rose. Fed up with adopting a pseudo-parental role towards Gen. Black.

Voice Type: Tenor (w/ belt)

Content Advisory: Grief 

Bryan Walker, Lead. Genevieve and Gerald’s Dad, Rose’s husband. An excellent Father. Was in the process of painting the kitchen purple for Gen when he died. Loved music and song. Black.

Voice Type: Tenor / High Baritone 

Content Advisory: Grief 

Paige, Supporting. 7 years old. Bold, loyal, and spontaneous. She loves Rose’s key lime pie. Gen’s best friend, as well as Luna’s. Considers herself the leader of the friend group. Black. (Note: Seeking actors 16+ to play this role)

Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano

Luna, Supporting. Passionate about everything. 8 years old. Black. (Note: Seeking actors 16+ to play this role)

Voice Type: Alto

Mr. Steven, Supporting. A 30-something, white teacher who is passionate about education and making every student feel seen, heard, and accepted. 

Voice Type: Baritone

Ms. Sarah, Supporting. A 30-something, child psychiatrist who helps Genevieve process her grief. Patient and calming.

Voice Type: Alto

Young Gen, Supporting. An earlier version of Genevieve, before her Father passed. Between 5 – 7 years old at various times. (Note: Seeking actors 14+ to play this role, or can be played by same actor playing Genevieve)

Voice Type: Soprano / Mezzo-Soprano

Content Advisory: Grief 

Trisha, Featured. 7 years old. The kind of kid who comes to school with Telfar Uggs and a Louis Vuitton backpack. (Note: Seeking actors 16+ to play this role)

Voice Type: Soprano

Renee, Featured. Almost 7 years old. Loves to hype up Trisha. (Note: Seeking actors 16+ to play this role)

Voice Type: Soprano

Freddy, Featured. 8 years old. Often comes to school with his brother’s hand-me-downs. At times equally funny and cruel. Black. (Note: Seeking actors 16+ to play this role)

Voice Type: Tenor

Serena, Featured. 7 years old. Wants to prove herself. (Note: Seeking actors 16+ to play this role)

Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano / Alto

Additional School Children, Featured. 7 – 8-year-olds in Genevieve’s class. (Note: Seeking actors 16+ to play this role)

Voice Type: Any

We are thrilled about your interest in the show! Thank you so much for taking the time to audition!!


Ashley Marie Cooper (Book, Music & Lyrics)


One minute monologue plus

A 32-Bar Cut or 1 minute 30 seconds of a Musical Theater Song and a simple range test (just filming yourself singing on any syllable from their lowest to highest note)

Note from Producer:

I am willing to move the children’s ages up to 9 and 3/4, rather than 7 and 3/4, so even actors who feel they may not believably be able to play a 7 year old, should most definitely audition!

MAIDEN MOTHER CRONE COVEN / Producer: Kilby Yarborough 

Show Synopsis:

MAIDEN MOTHER CRONE COVEN presents three perspective-shifting stories of witchcraft and queerness, activated by threads of digital and virtual storytelling. Classical, contemporary, and devised artistic approaches join forces to fiercely challenge intersectional themes of otherness by planting seeds of reclamation, transformation and empowerment under the blaze of our burgeoning community solidarity.

Rehearsal + Performance Info:

Virtual rehearsals: Monday, May 15 thru Friday, June 16. Three rehearsals per week, three hours each, tentatively to take place on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday after 5pm CST.  In-person rehearsals: Sunday June 18, Monday June 19, Tuesday June 20; twelve hours projected total; exact times TBD. Tech rehearsal: 75 min, date TBD.

Compensation:  This ensemble and creative team will be using a profit-sharing model.


Seeking THREE ACTORS – 21+ (at least one 50+)

– All BIPOC, femme and/or gender-expansive folx; disabled and neurodivergent folx are strongly encouraged to audition

– Devising experience preferred*

– Movement/Fight experience preferred*

– Vocal/Instrumental experience preferred*

– Puppetry experience preferred*

*Actors will be playing multiple characters. Some performance tracks will call for actors to play roles that reflect different gender identities and expressions.

*The devised performance section will engage deeply with themes of race and racism as they connect to witchcraft and queerness. Specific themes may include exoticization, diasporic identities, hybrid identities, otherness and belonging, racial tension and conflict, and racial trauma and healing.


  • A one minute monologue
  • Please use the space provided in the form to share any relevant lived experience and/or cultural experience/knowledge.
  • Please use the space provided in form to share any special skills you may have. Especially interested in devising, stage combat, movement/dance, singing/playing instruments, puppetry, magic tricks/illusions, poetry, etc.

The UpRoar, a sketch comedy show / Producer: Mikki Marvel

Show Synopsis:

The Uproar is a sketch comedy show all about chaos, laughter, and disrupting the status quo. This specific iteration of The Uproar features sketch comedy in the style of Saturday Night Live that celebrates the experiences of gender marginalized people. How can we support one another? What does it mean when we stand up for ourselves vs. apologize? What happens when we pick friendship over rivalry? And how does vulnerability strengthen our relationships and empower us to move forward? All these questions and more are delivered in an absurd, outrageous comedy show that lures you in, keeps you laughing, and warms your heart. 

Rehearsal + Performance Info:

Rehearsals will be in-person June 12-June 22, typically in the evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm

Compensation:  All artists will be given a ticket split based on ticket sales.


The Uproar seeks comedy performers who are not cis dudes to join our ensemble of actors at our upcoming sketch comedy show at the National Women’s Theatre Festival. During our fast-paced and fun rehearsal process, performers will each play a wide range of varying roles throughout the show. We will transform jokes on the page to jokes on the stage by supporting each other’s unique comedic style and delivery as well as exploring how comedy impacts our own lived experiences. Sketch comedy is “punk rock” in the sense that we all come together with whatever we have and wherever we are at to make something great – and we seek performers who have our back. Because we have yours. Devising and/or improv experience is a plus.

We seek to include actors of any ethnicity, identity, and ability. Due to the nature of this show, actors must be 18+. Our show will include both staged sketches as well as filmed sketches.

This is a PG-13 show that will run 60 minutes.

Content Warnings: Sketches contain gross out humor, swear words/cursing/strong language, romantic intimacy (with an intimacy choreographer), sexual references and innuendo, described acts of violence suicide and/or murder (with a fight choreographer), reference to drug use.

Actors will be able to read all sketches before accepting their roles.


Use the form to submit a 1 minute monologue

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