The National Women's Theatre Festival

WTF Wednesday: Sharing The Light

This morning, someone said something terribily profound to me. They said (and I\’m certainly paraphrasing), \”For everyone whose face is in the spotlight, there are others who are holding that person up to the light.\” I\’ve spent the rest of the day meditating on who I hold up and how I share the light I am fortunate to receive. In that spirit, I\’d like to devote today\’s column to sharing some light.

WTF: Living Our Mission in 2020

Since its inception, WTF has been a part of the international call for equity in theatre and film known as the 50/50 By 2020 Movement. This company and its mission to create, produce, and promote extraordinary theatre by women+ has never been more relevant as it is right now. WTF invites everyone to join the movement and to be a part of the ripple effect of achieving gender parity on and off stage in the Triangle.

WTF Wednesday: Errr…..Sunday

Be honest about your time: Learning how much time certain tasks take is the first step and it\’s important to be realistic about what you can accomplish in a finite amount of time. What can you do quickly and what things take you more time? And, if you\’re like me, factor in child interruption time!