The National Women's Theatre Festival

Keyanna Alexander


Associate Artistic Director – Keyanna Alexander

Keyanna Alexander (she/her) is a Durham, NC based freelance theatre maker, focusing on directing, streaming and playwriting. She is a 2014 North Carolina Central University graduate with Magna Cum Laude and Honors. Eagle Pride! When Keyanna isn’t dismantling the structure of the American Theatre, you can find her serving as the Associate Artistic Director of Women’s Theatre Festival, a member of the Artistic Council for MOJOAA Performing Arts Center, and the Assistant Director of Logistics for the National Black Theatre Festival. She discusses the transition of virtual theatre and the intersectionality of identity and arts advocacy through her talk show, Theatre\’s NOT Dead with Keyanna Alexander, which updates every Tuesday on YouTube. Her most recent work includes Mother Nature and Mother’s Day by Lisa B. Thompson (Director, MOJOAA Performance Arts), Othello by William Shakespeare (Technical Director & Stream Designer, Women’s Theatre Festival), Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg (“Elaine,” Brave New Classics) and Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare (“Hermia,” Head Tick Theatre). She also collaborates with Momentum Stage, Theatre Breaking Through Barriers, and the SAPPHO Project and is a standing ensemble member of Theatre Unmasked. Keyanna has been selected as the Shay Wafer Executive Manager Fellowship for Fall 2021.

IG: @notdeadwithkeyanna IG: @aww.keeks