The National Women's Theatre Festival

Occupy Sponsorship & Ads

Sponsorship Options for Occupy The Stage 2020

Ads & Shout-outs

Place an ad or shout-out to the cast & crew of a show in our digital program (8.5×11 png or jpg):
Quarter-page ad = $15
Half-page ad = $30
Full-page ad = $60

Place an ad or shout-out on our website (8.5×11 png or jpg):
1 week on website = $30
2 weeks on website = $60


Our current budget does not allow us to pay artists a living wage for their participation in Occupy. With your help, we hope to pay everyone what they deserve. All sponsors contributing $25 or more will be listed in the Occupy digital program, with higher levels of sponsorship including further recognition in the form of logo/name placement in the program and on our website:

Sponsor a….

Streaming Technician
WTF Apprentice
Episode of Theatre’s Not Dead with Keyanna Alexander
Sponsor live captioning for the d/Deaf and hard of hearing

Producer Credit: If we were to pay everyone involved a living wage, the total cost of producing each show would be around $1,500. Donating at this level will give you the option of being recognized as the Executive Producer on a show of your choice.

$500 donation constitutes Co-Producer Status, listed in credits, on website & in digital program

$1,500 donation constitutes Executive Producer Status, listed in credits, on website & in digital program

Subsidized Tickets:

$40 The All-Access Occupy Ticket is not accessible to all audience members. You may choose to offer a donation that subsidizes the attendance of viewers facing financial hardship.

$1,500 funds free tickets for all students from a college or university of your choice

$45,000 renders Occupy free to everyone, everywhere and will trigger refunds of any and all tickets already purchased! We will shout you out everywhere, put your name and logo on everything for a full year, and love you forever!