The National Women's Theatre Festival





The Team:

Co-Directors: Rowen Haigh & Rachel Pottern Nunn
Stage Manager: Ali Ray
Assistant Stage Manager: Keyanna Alexander
Dramaturg: Lydia Nethercutt
Accessibility Coordinator: Lou Jent
Makeup Designer: Jill Cromwell
Lighting/Technology: Anthony Buckner
Sound Designer: Areon Mobasher
Costume Designer: Elly McClanahan
Set Designer: Ami Kirk Jones
Vocal Coach: Abbey Toot
WTF Executive Artistic Director: Johannah Maynard Edwards
Marketing Manager: Erin Bell
Communications Advisor: Cindy Marie Jenkins
Captioning Provided By: CaptionPoint


Jordan Biggers as The Human Salamander
Keely Cansler as The Girl
Keith A. Kenel as Ensemble #2/ Carnival Barker
Tori Grace Nichols as Mr. Flip
Lauren Ragsdalen as Matthew
Kariey Anne Smith as Amalia
Maren Stephenson as Ensemble #1
Juliana Valente as Judith
Clare Vestal as The Pinhead

The Performances

Dates & Times:


Sat May 30: 8pm Live Performance #1 (followed by opening night reception featuring Firefly Circus)

Sun May 31: 5pm Live Performance #2 (followed by post-show talk back)

Fri June 5: 8pm Live Performance #3

Sat June 6: 8pm Live Performance #4

All performances live-captioned by CaptionPoint.

Venue: Streaming on

Content warning: sexual and violent language

Ticket Cost: $10


The Women’s Theatre Festival proudly presents FREAKSHOW by Carson Kreitzer. This live virtual theatrical spectacular will be streamed directly into audience’s homes. In producing this show, the team explores all manner of staging, set, and lighting opportunities presented by the new digital proscenium.

Enter the inner world of Mr. Flip’s Traveling Freakshow, a collection of marvels such as Amalia, The Woman With No Arms Or Legs, The Pinhead, and Aquaboy the Human Salamander. As they travel from town to town, Mr. Flip keeps an eye out for potential new acts—often children with a physical difference that he can mold and exploit into something sensational. Behind the scenes, Judith and Matthew keep the show running. The Girl falls hopelessly in love with Aquaboy and runs away with the troupe. 

“The spectacle of Freakshow will dazzle and discomfort the audience,” says co-director Rowen Haigh, “but the heart of the story is about love, sacrifice, and choosing to put others’ happiness above your own.”  Stage management team member Key Alexander knows “audiences will be surprised by how very connected the cast is despite being miles apart and how the tech elements meld everything together so seamlessly.”

Content warning: sexual and violent language