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Video On Demand from Women’s Theatre Festival

Women’s Theatre Festival’s “On Demand” Library features recordings of productions created specifically for the virtual theatre space. Virtual theatre will never replace venue-based theatre, nor should it. Instead, WTF hopes that virtual theatre will continue to develop alongside venue-based theatre as a new avenue for theatrical expression, creativity, and ingenuity. We welcome the accessibility that this form offers, and we invite you to enjoy these productions from wherever you are!

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Video on Demand Productions:


Freakshow by Carson Kreitzer 

Step this way into the inner world of Mr. Flip’s Traveling Freakshow, a collection of marvels including Amalia, The Woman With No Arms Or Legs, The Pinhead, and Aquaboy the Human Salamander. The spectacle of Freakshow may be equal parts dazzling and unsettling, but the story behind the scenes is as much about love and sacrifice as it is about drawing in the crowd.

Digital Program

Vimeo link: $10 for a one-week rental; please contact WTF for group rates


Her Hotel, Book, Music and Lyrics by Rebecca Lee Lerman; Orchestrations by Matt Park

A comatose, mixed-race Chinese American woman, dreams. Her body has become a hotel. She must navigate each room of her body, each room of her trauma, in order to heal. Toilets are broken and overflow. Pools freeze over and it starts to snow. Penises become snakes. Sometimes, she turns into a rock star. We heal by being seen, but adding the layer of social media, how do we form authentic ties in a society that makes it difficult to connect? This is one character\’s journey back to loving herself by seeking validation within.

Vimeo link: $10 for a one-week rental; please contact WTF for group rates


The Debate 2.0 conceived & choreographed by Heather Tatreau and Tracy Bersley

An experimental multimedia dance-theatre work that explores the trajectory of women in politics from suffrage through the year 2020.

Vimeo link: $10 for a one-week rental; please contact WTF for group rates