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Extraordinary Producer Spotlight: Rebecca Ashley Jones


Left: White, blond woman with distressed expression. Right: Man with back to camera. Upper left text overlay reads: “Extraordinary Producer Spotlight: Rebecca Ashley Jones” Lower right text overlay reads: “Producer/Writer/Directer/Performer, Much Ado presented at WTFringe”

Look up \”powerhouse\” in the dictionary and Rebecca Ashley Jones will appear. Producer. Writer. Director. Performer. She epitomized what being a Fringe producer is all about–championing her excellent team through a visionary adaptation of a Shakespearean classic, putting women\’s voices in forefront. 


Photo of actors in a circle around a stage. One holds a brown puppy. Sherbet-colored text overlay reads: “Working on Much Ado was a real eye-opener into how hard the production side of things can be. I honestly couldn’t have done it without my team. This was a collaborative show that belonged to the whole cast and crew, and that’s what made it work. —Rebecca Ashley Jones”

Rebecca\’s generous and collaborative approach paid off, garnering some of the most memorable performances of the year in Triangle theatre. 


A photo with quote overlay. On the left, four women on stage, 3 of them seated, all looking to the right. The one closest to us holds a chalice. What they are looking at cannot be seen. Overlay on the right half the photo reads: “What I most loved about this show was Rebecca’s ability to make the gender-swapped characters feel genuine and believable. Plus, my character, a rather minor one, was able to have her ‘just reward’ when the original script simply brushed her aside. Rebecca’s directional style made us all feel a part of the production in more than just being actors, but creators!” – Maggie Hatfield

We at WTF are so grateful to Rebecca, all of her Much Ado collaborators, and all of the extraordinary producers who brought work to our stages in 2019. We cannot wait to #LiveOurMission with you in 2020! 


Pink sparkly background with centered black text overlay that reads: “Rebecca Ashley Jones is the type of artist who understands that specificity is the true separation between good art and great artists. However, rather than hold her vision hostage for her own edification, she is gracious and invited collaborators to contribute; indeed, she pushed everyone to find their own specificity, resulting in the truly outstanding production that was shared by all” -Bobby Calloway

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